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Loved this video! I have lived very near similar spots in the Appalachians most of my life (fifty years combined in Tennessee, North & South Carolina), and love these mountains. Your husband really caught some gorgeous scenery in this video, and his easy, down-to-earth style of narrating is wonderful. 💛

One thing in particular that he said really resonated with me. It is like great wisdom, spoken by Mother Nature through him, as a mouthpiece:

Standing at the bottom of the canyon, you realize just how little you are in this big old world. Down here, things we have to deal with in modern times don't seem to hold much meaning. There's no politics, traditions, or social norms. Nobody tells the river which way to flow, or that it would look better if it flowed over here instead of over there. It's just a river, being a river.

We need to be more like that river.

I also loved the tour of the old family land, the cemetery, and the stories he related of his kin. That was proof that there is more flowing through the land than geology and tree sap, but also blood, sweat, and tears of real humans that came before us. With our modern conveniences, it is hard to fathom what life was like for them, but I appreciated his recounting of it. I laughed out loud at the cleverness of having a still in two different states...! 😂

Please pass my appreciation on to Ronnie for this fabulous video, and thank you so much for sharing it with us! 😊


Thank you so much for your kind words! There are so many stores that need to be told about our mountains. I feel that it is important to remember where we came from. I will pass along your message to Ronnie. And I plan on sharing more of his work.