Dukhra | A short emotional drama | We must pay respect to our parents | reduce generation gap

in #video4 years ago

This is an emotional drama which revolves around the story of a mother and his son. the son is disrespectful towards her mom and ultimately, due to his worries she dies and finally he regrets.
There are total three characters in this drama video. Emotional heart touching video now age son mother A worth watching. Need your appreciation. Respect your parents Emotional & heart touching performance
Emotional Play on Generation Gap and Respect for Parents and Grand Parents. Must Watch for all.
This play is a Must Watch for all the parents and Grand Parents. We have tried to convey the message that Parents must also respect their Parents so that the children can learn from them.
If Parents will not respect their own parents then they might have to face the same treatment from their own children in future.
Let Generation Gap not reduce the respect for Parents and Grand Parents.

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