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Memories are indeed beautiful. They strives us to live and aspires us to succeed. Almost everyday we takes a ride back to our past and laughs sometimes, sometimes cries, feels frustrated or feels proud. Memories are created in every instant of our life and they are infinite. Recollecting all of them, especially the most distant one seems a bit hard in many instances. Storing them digitally in the form of videos or pics are indeed a better idea and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram has helped us in achieving this to a great extent. These helps us to recollect or retrieve them whenever needed and also to share it among our friends. But can we be sure that these are 100% permanent? Facebook or Instagram have the power to delete these or even ban our account permanently or a server shutdown which may cause permanent loss of data. Also the most important issue is the user privacy. All of these social medias have a bad reputation regarding data privacy and the Cambridge Analytica issue verifies that.

Introducing VID

Vid is a next generation video journal app that uses AI editing tools for better usability and rewards us back for monetizing our memory. Vid is built on top of blockchain technology that helps in persistent preservation of contents and also in creating a secure and transparent ecosystem. Eventhough social media platforms that are built on blockchain had existed in the past what makes Vid really interesting is the privacy that they offers. They use Zero Knowledge Encryption technique that ensures that user data and private clips recorded are not shared to anyone except the user itself. Even Vid won't be able to access these. Another interesting feature is the inbuilt AI editing tools. All Instagram users know the hazzle and time they spent to make their video more attractive before sharing it publicly. With Vid it's just all a matter of seconds. With just a click, the videos are edited automatically according to the best possible way and are ready to be shared.

The feature to monetize our memories and being rewarded is one another interesting element. Users are rewarded according to the engagement they recieve in their post thus creating a healthy competition among the users which will definitely help in acquiring more audience and aid in long term success of the project. Almost all features within the app are freely available and an additional premium layer also exists which costs only 1.99$ / month. It helps to control the fake or bot accounts who are indeed a curse to decentralised media platforms like Steemit. Thus Vid puts forward a revolutionary concept that offers solutions to majority of issues that present social media platforms faces.

For more details - WEBSITE | BLOG | WHITEPAPER

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