The guy who got chased by a wild Elephant

Have you ever read out your own obituary to yourself? These are exactly the thoughts which were going through my mind with a wild elephant gaining pace behind me. Is this it? If it is what really was it worth? Who is being chased and who are they going to say got tramped to death by an elephant? The guy who got chased by an elephant!? Really, could this be all I ever will be..?

All the while I had not looked back to realize that this bull elephant chasing me had gotten so close, had I not been alerted by the bellowing trumpet, normally famed to knock down people in shock. I can't say for sure whether I increased my pace or my attacker slowed down. I remember vividly seeing the local vendors down the road, opposite the Baobab tree shouting out and throwing things around to distract the elephant in pursuit. My hopes grew a little at the sight of fellow humans, even though before long, they started running too. They all dispersed into the bushes and without looking back, I followed two guys who where taking off their shirts as they were running. We sneaked past a golf course fence and just as we were on a safe enough position, I tripped and fell, panting I lost all energy to move any further.

This is the experience I had in Victoria Falls on n early November morning in 2018, which was as near-death an experience as they get. Humans and wild animals, particularly elephants, buffaloes!, hippos and lions coexist in the Victoria Falls area and sometimes paths cross. While lions rarely come close to residential areas as the others do, danger is always eminent as my am walk to the Big Tree proved. My a experience though was surprisingly different, as the attack took place I felt an exhilarating sense of empowerment and no panic. As much as I realized I could die any moment, I also realized that I could live and living means being alive.

It's being alive that matters. When you are alive you can renew yourself. If being close to death makes one feel so alive as it did to me, then I suggest we all imagine we are dying tomorrow. Know that the elephant is always in hot pursuit, it can catch anytime any moment...and tramp you down without a trumpet. Take this moment for a deep breath, just to appreciate...WE ARE ALIVE!

Victoria_falls_big_tree_2011 (pr).jpg The Big Baobab Tree in Victoria Falls. The elephant chased me about 100 meters from the right up to the point where the cameraman is standing.

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