Vice Industry Token: Launch Status Update

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When it comes to adult programming, there are plenty of options in an intensely competitive market competing for each viewer’s attention. Sitting atop the adult food chain are tubesites which began offering content for free around 2006. However, tube sites were basically devastating for the paid adult industry of affiliates and paysites and caused many quality studios to be put out of business.

Today’s adult content production is jeopardized as producers utilizing tube sites receive only small fractions of tube site advertisement dollars. Some producers earn as little as one cent per thousand views. Viewers earn nothing. This cycle has caused the adult industry to decline and unless a new model is soon utilized it may completely fail.

There is some hope for the struggling adult industry. The Vice Industry Token project aims to completely disrupt the existing tube site business model. Things will never be the same again. .

Vice Industry Token (VIT) is a blockchain based platform that uses Proof of Brain (PoB), Proof of View (POV) and other developing algorithms technologies to pay not only content producers, but consumers of adult content as well. The idea of paying users to consume content is obviously much more attractive than simply consuming content for free. VIT’s model is ingenious and it’s success will revolutionize the way adult programming is distributed, consumed and watched.

VIT, whose slogan is Get Paid To Watch Porn (™), launched it’s main-net on June 28th. On June 28, a registration system for early adopters to apply for accounts by vesting a small amount of their token, VIT was opened to the public. This allowed the fundamental community behind the project to have the first chance to utilize the cutting-edge platform.

VIT is a software fork of the STEEM blockchain, VIT shares much of the same code with STEEM.

On July 2, 2018, STEEM suffered a shutdown of all STEEM nodes due to a flaw in the code. The flaw allowed a non-critical invalid transaction to be submitted, and as a result, caused the STEEM blockchain production to halt.

As soon as a problem was detected in STEEM, the development team at Vice Industry Token identified this complication could affect the VIT blockchain and halted the VIT platform proactively. As a result, VIT implemented new code and then decided to perform heavier testing before the main VIT platform is re-released.

As a result of the complications, which caused registrants to receive approvals earlier than intended, the team reset the targeted launch date. VIT development has assured that all databases are intact and that no funds were ever compromised. The VIT staged roll-out plan has proven the team is prepared for any potential obstacle. The quick detection, fix, testing sequence and re-release proves that VIT is one of the most diligent projects that are currently in the space. VIT’s commitment to the project, transparency, and work in keeping the community informed is de facto.

VIT CEO, Stuart Duncan, addressed the community personally regarding the recent delay. “ and will be coming online shortly. We have had a delay of a week, and expect another weeks’ delay in getting these sites completed.”, he stated in their communal telegram chat. “At this point, we are fixing minor bugs. Ebabe, the mechbunny designed site that kicks out native VIT won’t be complete for another six weeks or so.”

For a project that is breaking such new ground, VIT is handling every curve with agility. With hundreds of millions of potential users connected to VIT’s network of affiliates, VIT is possibly the biggest blockchain operation to date. With industry leading companies integrating the VIT blockchain rewards system into their sites, VIT is confident the future of adult will be "Get Paid To Watch Porn (™)"

Learn more about Vice Industry Token by visiting our website :


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