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When you need a loan then basically you approach to banks and that is the traditional method to get a loan. In this traditional method, there are so many drawbacks like it needs lot's of time for processing and there is no guaranty that at the end of this process the loan will approve. After long process bank has the right they can deny your loan because the bank has lists of rules to follow before availing a loan to anyone. If the bank feels doubt on you, the bank will take your properties and important papers as a mortgage which is must be 2x of the loan amount.

In a customary loaning process, individuals require delegates like an advance officer, banks, financier, and credit processor to assemble the trust. Be that as it may, adding go-betweens and directions to the way toward loaning prompts the high charges. Likewise, applying for an advance or credit can take two or three weeks, and the rate of interests contrast generally around the globe. For instance, the rate of enthusiasm for loaning cash in various nations like Algeria, Argentina, Bangladesh, United States is 8%, 31.2%, 9.5%, and 4.8% individually. So a question must come into your mind that is there any alternatives to this traditional process?

As we are living in the era of Blockchain technology it has the best of the best alternatives to all traditional process. So why not for this? Introducing "Viaz" A decentralized lending platform. There are so many Decentralized lending platforms but "Viaz" has some unique features that make "Viaz" different from others. Stick with this article you will get the information what makes "Viaz" unique from others.

What features make "Viaz" unique from others?

"Viaz" is built on the top of Tezos, If you don't know Tezos then let me tell you Tezos is another blockchain that investigates new thoughts and frameworks to convey a more secure, progressively hearty chain. Based on OCaml, a useful programming dialect utilized for other money related based undertakings, Tezos executes an appointed confirmation of stake accord technique. This is more power-proficient what's more, gives a more grounded accord instrument than the proof-of-work
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In "Viaz" you can borrow fiat loan by collateralizing crypto, "Viaz" don't check your credit score before providing you a loan, There is a fixed and economical rate of interest all around the world, In the near future "Viaz" going to provides Home-baked loans and, Unsecured loans. As "Viaz" platform will be based on Tezos and exploit the progressed DPoS convention and brilliant contract layer. "Viaz" will utilize a blend of various dialects to build the "Viaz" platform and use various "accepted procedures" to guarantee our stage is secure and productive, "Viaz" will issue cards for borrower which can be used across anywhere in the world.

Let's discuss what are the benefits a lender will get when he lends his money over "Viaz" platform. "Viaz" platform not only focus on the borrower's profit but also on lenders profit too. A lender in "Viaz" platform will get a high return on investment because "Viaz" removes middleman. you can see the below table to understand this process.

the best way to.png

There is no hidden fee for a lender and sign up also free for the lender but after a deal, the lender has to pay a negligible percentage of the interest in the form of Tokens. The "Viaz" Platform will offer lenders the chance to offer on financing openings dependent on various loan costs.

To know more about "Viaz" please visit the Website, read the whitepaper, Yellow paper and, follow "Viaz" on social media
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Risk warning: All the information above are not financial advice and neither legal nor illegal advice all are my opinion and this article is of your knowledge Before. investment do your own research because nobody will responsible for your profit or loss

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