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RE: Vessel 0.2.8 - Bug Fix

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Regarding RPC nodes, I'd recommend using:

@anyx has some top notch hardware running his RPC node right now and I've been very happy since I swapped over to using it.

As for the Custom JSON portion of the wallet - that section of Vessel is different than the account's JSON metadata. Each account does have JSON metadata to set things like display name and avatar, but that's a totally different beast than the customjson operations that the specific section of Vessel you're referring to was designed for. That tool built into Vessel was more of a developer tool to write custom operations, sort of like steemengine and steemmonsters uses, as opposed to the information on an account itself.


That may serve my purpose better.. couple ideas I've had kicking around in my head use data stored on a profile outside of posts. I guess I just didn't know how to communicate what I was looking for exactly. My apologies.
Basically I was working on a profile type project, and currently store the data on a post and just pull from that. I'd love to be able to store this profile data somewhere that would be easily retrieved to propagate the profile data, I do have other projects in mind using steem to store data not displayed. Any headers on where I would find good information on this? I know it's out of the context of this post, but I do appreciate your time.
A demo of the profile, very rough and alpha quality can be found at , which uses information pulled from currently.

Steem itself doesn't have a really great place for this, at least using the native APIs. The way you're pulling from the @sn0n/profile permalink post is probably one of the best ways (using the json_metadata on that post, or even an account) unless you want to dig into creating custom_json transactions and then indexing them yourself with a database + api.

I don't really know of any good place with this sort of information unfortunately, or I'd direct ya there. Happy to answer questions though!

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