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RE: Vessel 0.2.8 - Bug Fix

in #vessel5 years ago

I really apreciate what you have done with vessel and Greymas

any chance we will see the ultimate cross chain DPOS mega wallet with EOS, Steem, AND Bitcoin and ethereum and even tron (Like scatter) all in one new wallet by you? You could CHARGE for that if you had it on Mobile :D


It's something we've talked about, but haven't committed any resources to yet. Right now Greymass is in the process of rebuilding "eos-voter" (aka "Greymass Wallet") into a brand new EOSIO-compatible wallet.

I've always had aspirations of merging Vessel into this new codebase, it just hasn't happened yet. We have a tiny team still and more work than we know what to do with, we'd probably have to expand the team a decent amount if we were to bring other blockchains (non-EOSIO) into the mix.

Maybe you can have one wallet that has eos, steem and a lil Bitcoin and ethereum maybe via Ledger support, and you can call it, i dunno, Anchor? Im having dejavu

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