Vertigo removed by Paida therapy

in #vertigo3 years ago (edited)

On a daily basis I always practice Paida Lajin without failure. For a very long time I've done the lajin stretching for a period of fifteen minutes with each leg (a total of thirty minutes). I decided to double my game by jumping into thirty minutes each leg (a total of sixty minutes). I did this longer lajin for five days and then I came down with vertigo symptoms when lying back. I utilised tissue salts every couple of hours until it was time to do my paida therapy. When I started the paida therapy I targeted the typical STomach 36 and PeriCardium 3 meridian points on both sides of the body. Unfortunately after the paida session on these two points I didn't find any blockage in either the left or right side of the body. I then decided to go through the whole of the STomach and PeriCardium meridians to see if I could find a blockage anywhere else other than ST36 and PC3. I found some minor sha blockages but then I found a massive blockage on STomach 35 at the knee cap. After twenty minutes of paida at this point on the left knee and then a rest period of four hours i then no longer had vertigo problems. I believe the extra lajin timing had just thrown forward another layer of dis-ease in order to be dealt with and in this case it was as vertigo. I've since gone over the stomach meridian with a more powerful Shaolin bamboo brush hit (rather than a hand slap) and I've found some deep blockages on the left leg at ST36/37/39 and on the right leg at ST38 and close to ST41. I've also come across deep blockage on both the left and right legs between the GallBladder 33/34 meridian points.

Classical Chinese (CCM not TCM) and Ayurvedic healing don't believe in herbs or other forms of drugging unless only as a last resort. If you practice these natural healing methods then you don't need to know almost no (apart from mudra work etc) medical data or pay for remedies or treatments of any kind. The creator force who made this universe also gave us all the ability to look after ourselves and heal for free. All you have to do is put in the time and effort which shouldn't be a problem if it's for one's health since most people waste time on unimportant things. So for instance lets say homoeopathic remedy A is only good for some forms of vertigo on lying back. You try remedy A and this doesn't work for you and you don't have any more remedies to hand. Now you're stuck with your vertigo for longer and you'll have to either put up with it or shell out more currency buying another remedy which may or may not work. I've helped highlight to you what we all have for free and what's available anywhere we are present, call it a form of superpower within us all if we execute it and work at it.

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