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The blockchain technology is shaping up to become the most important innovation of this age with Varieties of ICOs springing up almost on daily basis targeting different aspects of the human life, tackling challenges that are bedeviling the system and proposing something out of the box as a solution and some are already up and running.
Even that too comes as a problem because personally, I will say as there are little or no regulations as to the working of the blockchain technology because it is still down to individual expertise and if you are sound enough to build something on the blockchain them the rules and the workings of the block belongs to you and all that bit into your ideas are answerable to you.

And as such there has been little or no regulations to the ICO rush and in all honesty there are a lot of genuine ICOs out there but in the rush there are also some dubious ICOs hoping to rip off investors, hence Vertex and I guess it won't be news to you if I say almost half of the projects launched in 2017 have now failed hence vertex.

What is the vertex?
Vertex is an ICO on the blockchain that is aimed at bridging the gaps within the market by making sure they use the accumulated years of experience of the team to investigate and rate various ICO projects so as to help prospective investors make sound and reliable choices on the projects they are investing in. Vertex is by no mean an exchange platform but a market for viable ICO where all projects to be listed will go through thorough vetting.

The Token
Well, most times this is what is of most importance to investors, it is called the VTEX token and it is the investment token for all ICO projects listed on the vertex platform and it will be in cooperated into all ICOs listed on the platform even after the sales period, more like it is part of the project for life. In this it helps bring the investor and the project initiators to a common meeting place which is rarely seen this days.
Token details
Token ticker- VTEX
Platform- Ethereum
Token supply- 300,000,000 VTEX
Price- 1 VTEX= $0.22
Hard cap- $44,700,000
Soft cap- $3,000,000
Minimum contribution- $50

How Vertex works
Majority of the work though is to be done by the vertex team who shall really look into each presented ICO and present to you the best investment options in no particular other the steps fro. The whitepaper involved should include the following.
-Putring the prospective investors in the know of how the vetting process goes.
-Rating each ICO
-Providing investment option
-Organising the purchase
-Investors can also forsee the final stage of ICOs.
All these shall put into consideration KYC procedures insuring strict adherence to the set rules as it will protect the interest of all parties involved in platform.

The vetting process

What is in it for ICOs and investors?
-It protects the investors by filtering out the dubious and scams of ICO.
-There is a level of guarantee that the investor is buying into a product that will stand the test of time as well as thrive in the market.
-It provides assess for individual sales.
-It provides the investors with viable options and drastically reduced rate of investing in a failing ICO.

For ICOs
-It will provide a pool if levitate and ready to invest individuals so the ICO can benefit from.
-It will help give participating ICO a head start as people are already available to invest.
-Provides an organised platform with a level of uniformity in purchase token and believe on the project.

The roadmap.

The team
Alessandro Pecorelli – CEO
Abdullah Al Othaim – President of Vertex Capital
Fahad Al Rajhi – Head of Business Development
Saud Al Jomaih – CIO
Waheeb Bajahmoum – Head of Crypto Strategy
Zsofia Uhrin – Marketing Communication
Saeed Bin Laheg – Head of Marketing
Yuri Kitikari – Crypto Analyst & Trader
Ahmed Saeed – Designer & Web developer
Vladimir Trusov – Blockchain Developer
Amongst others.

In conclusion from the website.

The platform is currently in alpha phase and will be launched into beta on this website soon (expected august 2018). The platform has the following features
OTC Platform
Decentralized, no private keys stored on server
News & Rating, by investors only
Latest Offering
Historical performance on past projects we supported
For more information.
BountyOx username: gjoe64


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