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RE: CPU Mining is back! A complete how to guide and profit analysis for Verium mining on a farm of single board computers - Part 1

in #verium3 years ago (edited)

Wow this is a great find on Steemit. I know you wrote this 9 months ago but I've been looking for something to point my spare CPU cores at and have been hesitant to go out and build a rig. Also Vertium looks like it has potential as a new generation of coin.


hello i just solo mine this coin 5 days ago,but for some reason i havent receive any reward yet, how long will it take for me to have a reward? I mine it with my 4 rig zcash miner as well. it seem to have a good connection ranging from 16-40. Please advise how many days do i have to wait before i can see verium tokens in my wallet.

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