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RE: CPU Mining is back! A complete how to guide and profit analysis for Verium mining on a farm of single board computers - Part 1

in #verium3 years ago

Great post :) However, it looks like the "Table 5 - Gross Profit Summary (after electricity costs)" has a mistake.
The PC gross profit per hour is 0.0124, and it should be around 0.2976 per day (0.0124 * 24) , not 0.0216 as it is now.
This means that after this correction, PC becomes more lucrative than XU4.


thanks for highlighting that - the per hour numbers are correct however- just the following ones aren't - spreadsheet error and cant work out how to edit it now :( 10xXU4 is significantly cheaper that building the PC so they still win out in terms of ROI time

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