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You should buy some more Steem coins and convert it to Steem power with some of your profits @jsnip4 . Then your posts, comments, replies, and upvotes make you and your followers a lot more money! Please follow me

Thanks to you I was introduced to it. Thank you!!!

Hey snip,
Been watching your YouTube videos for a while but I'm switching over to steem cuz google is the enemy. Anyhoo I bought a lot of Veri during the ICO and now am looking to buy that nice lot somewhere here out west. Keep up the good work man

Thanks to you Bix Weir and of course Clif High I am up over 200 percent. This time I'll hang onto it instead of selling like I did Ethereum :(

Will the price of veritaseum going up not affect the price of Ethereum, and cause it to go up as well? Aren't the 2 crypto's connected? I thought that veritaseum uses the Ether blockchain.


Correct, and yes I believe it would help the price of ETH go up as well.


AWESOME!! Thanks so much for the reply, love your youtube channel!

Make sure to give some of that profit to RiffRaff! Oh wait! Your capital gains should help pay his rent! You're good!

Nice Jsnip! Awesome heads up on this one and awesome show!

I have to say........ it was you who put me into Veritaseum....... thanks.


me as well, i have not cashed out yet though.

So happy to hear this. Thanks.

Awesome, however I sold at 0.21 ETH, but Veri is looking mega hot!

Thank You Joe for posting to Steemit, Power Up my Brother !!!

Veritaseum to SOLVE balance sheet problems for sovereign nations. New Reggie Middleton Video.