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I'm checking out the Veritaseum project and did some background research on Reggie Middleton ... Reggie seems legit and I think he has good intentions.

But when analyzing projects I always like to look into the fundamentals and I must say it is hard to find any proof to all the bold promises that are being made? I looked into the Veritaseum GitHub page to see what has been made in all these years but I cannot find anything? Maybe I'm wrong here and checking the wrong repo: ??? Before investing into a project especially a cryptocurrencies project I look at what is there and I want to see some execution power … for Veritaseum cannot find anything only a lot of talk but since the project is already being developed for so long where is some work that has been done?

I posted a tweet and a facebook massage to see if I can get any more info. Maybe I'm missing something here but for now I see almost %0 execution power pleas correct me if I'm wrong.

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Reggie Middleton seems legit? Are you blind?


Feels like a scam to me.

I think we have to look at the level of communication as well. If you want to run a project the idea must be present, but communicate with developers and interested people will also say a lot about the reliability of the project.

As far as I understand this is not a coin that has any developable parts to it. The coin is simply a Ethereum ERC20 token that allows you access to Financial advice from Reggie Middleton himself. If you think there is value in that you invest in it. If not don't. I personally own .2 VERI and I'm waiting to see if there is ANYTHING worth buying more for, but currently the only thing they have available is a 4.5 VERI technical/financial evaluation of the GNOSSIS Ethereum token. Doesn't sound worth while to me.


Thank you good insight I think will not get into VERI seems not that good at all lol


One thing to point out I forgot to mention in this post is that Veritaseum IS supposed to have the added functionality of serving as a sort of mechanism to facilitate peer to peer trading of comodity related derivative contracts. It does NOT seem to be finished yet though and with only 3 people (and a kid?) confirmed as working on this project it makes you wonder when and if this utilization will materialize


Great work thank you

Not a fan, lots of these ICO's are going to fall flat on their face.

Most of these ICOs are probably scams. Problem is, we usually find out too late.

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I am scratching my head...why in the world are people promoting VERI! I have seen nothing substantial...just promises. Where is the team? Where is the team experience? Where are the industry connections? Can someone please tell me why you are convinced that Reggie and his team are actually going to deliver? I would like to see some convincing evidence.

Veritaseum to SOLVE balance sheet problems for sovereign nations. New Reggie Middleton Video.

Read your Steemit, ......hmmmm.......maybe you need a lesson on how to research before accusations are made on any given person or project. Have you researched the Patents Reggie applied for??? I'm guessing not. Also, still trying to understand WHY every project that is utilizing Block Chain of any king needs to follow a script and path that others in this space have.......including legit scams that have a "whitepaper"....."open source code"....or easy to follow dumb down "website"......again.....lack of evidence on your part


Go ahead ... post the links to the patentS.

IF you did your "research" you would understand that Veri is not a "cryptocurrency"......soooo