Hey steemit!

in verification •  last year

My name is Olga, I'm russian, but I've been living in Vietnam for a long time. About Steem learned from the Russian analogue, which is called the Golos.

I do not know whether I need a verification of my identity here. And just in case I place a link in the account on Golos on this account back )

It's me, sometimes i like nude photo sessions.

I'm 25, the main job is interior design and 3D modeling. But I also write, edit, photograph a little. I also have a bar. So if you'll come to Nha Trang in Vietnam - welcome ))

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Все знакомые тут)))


Это точно)))

Lovely, indeed. I doubt if I'll be in your neighborhood any time soon. But I'll welcome seeing and hearing more of your life and endeavors in Vietnam. I'm both voting for and following you. Прощай

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Подписалась на тебя и в голосе))

Подписалась) Красивое фото)

Привет. Добро пожаловать на Стим! Чуть не пропустил тебя.

Ап и Подписка )


)) Спасибо

That photo though 😱!!!!....welcome to steemit!!!!

привет из голоса будущего))) Лира)

Welcome to steemit!

Привет! Пока еще тут не писал, но скоро пожалуй начну))


Just out of curiosity, what kind of 3D modeling do you do?

The work you're posting is of very high quality. Some talented photographers you have worked with too.