This is why verification is so important

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The Steem blockchain has no KYC, that is, user idenfication. Anyone can be anything.

The account @yusmerlys has been posting pictures of a sexy young woman in boner-inducing poses but the account holder has failed to make a proper verification picture to this date.

Check this site out:

Those images look awfully familiar, don't they.

Don't be taken for a ride guys just because an account posts images of sexy women. Without a verification an account posting sexy nudes of a young woman could be owned by some neckbeard who hasn't left his mom's basement for a month!

I suggest everyone take their votes away from the account @yusmerlys until such time the account holder proves that they are the person appearing in the images.

Any scammer can rip pictures off the internet and pretend to be a pretty girl. Take a look at the wallet of @yusmerlys. Whoever controls that account has been cashing out every single token they've got from upvotes. I wouldn't expect a scammer to power up, although merely selling tokens does not one a scammer make.

I suggest you do a simple image search on Google when someone new posts images if they haven't properly verified themselves.


Great find here, I had mistakenly given this accounts a few votes. Not anymore until there is a verification. I doubt that will ever happen though.

Yes, as long as people DV to zero rewards that helps.

It would also be helpful not to upvote or better yet, take back all the upvotes on the currently active posts.

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