New Litecoin Debit Card Announcement + Verge XVG joins partnership with Pornhub

in verge •  9 months ago

Today's announcement that WireX is working out the details to offer a Visa Debit Card that will allow users to spend their Litecoin, where Visa is accepted. This news coupled the recent TenX announcement will give Litecoin greater acceptance via the Visa Debit Card. In other news (XVG) Verge announce their new partner today, it turns out it was Pornhub, one of the world largest online Adult Entertainment Video Distributors. The price of the token plummeted after the announcement and ended the day around 27% in the red. Only time will tell and we will see how successful of a partnership this turns out to be.

WireX to Offer New Visa Debit powered by Litecoin

WireX Crypto Wallet

Pornhub adds Crypto Token via Verge


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