Verge (XVG/BTC) Massive drop in price triggers a motive count restart!

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Check this out...


As I was posting an update on verge we had a sudden massive drop in pricing. This NEEDED drop gave us the opportunity to put together a better set of motive waves from the last jump in price. We just shed a WHOLE lot of weak sellers in this drop. You know, the ones that have continued to suppress the price of XVG due to the FUD factor. HODL, stay tuned for updates as I will be posting play by play as we inch on to bigger and better highs. There is good news in the market as I am seeing bull flags in other coins so don't let the FUD get to you!!!

FYI - Bitcoin is holding on the top support line of our large triangle. That's a positive sign!

May you have abundance in all of 2018!!

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