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How far Verge is going to drop is hard to tell. I can say though that it is following Bitcoin VERY closely. Bitcoin is probably going to hit around $8100-$8200 soon and during that time Verge will need to drop below 350 in order to start it's new motive waves. Verge started to rebound but the 350 wick threw out a red flag to me. Because of this I was able to determine that Bitcoin and Verge were going to have another low. If you want to pick Verge up for cheap then setup a buy ladder for around 350-220 range. I don't think Verge is going to drop down to the 220 range (bottom support) but you never know!

May you have abundance in all of 2018!!

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For future viewers: price of bitcoin at the moment of posting is 8597.80USD

Thank you. It took a few days but we are finally here. We could drop down again but I lean towards evaluating other cryptos to get an idea of what we are building. XVG hasn't dropped into position and Litecoin is looking like it's might hit the $145 range before the next uptick so we could have another low on Bitcoin. It's too early to say at this point. Will post an update as soon as I have a better handle on where we are at.

If litecoin hits $156 it's most likely going to hit $145. Good time to buy!!