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Verasity is a platform for video sharing, the motivation behind which is to break existing conditions and join the best of concentrated and decentralized universes. Be that as it may, this project has significantly more potential outcomes than straightforward video sharing; what separates him from others is his creative economic model, which first puts the viewer, but enables content promoters and different users to benefit.

How it functions:

How about we begin by characterizing the three primary individuals from the Verasity ecosystem and their particular jobs. It is critical to take note of the entire of this system that it incorporates many "microtransactions" between all members. Since traditional sites don't permit the use of viable microtransactions, blockchain is the best option.


Watchers can acquire VERA tokens by browsing the content, seeing the advertisment or as payments from the interest in the content maker channel through the Sparks Marketplace. Verasity can include additional monetization open doors viewers as advancement advances.

Content Creators

One of the qualities of Verasity is the quantity of approaches to make content for monetization. The accompanying monetization options are accessible:

Donations for viewers

Restrictive PPV content

Monthly subscriptions to exclusive content

Advertising - As mentioned, seeing ads is never required; he carefully depends only on him. Viewers win tokens from a decision.

Spark Marketplace - one of the most one of a kind fetures of Verasity. Through this market, content makers will almost certainly sell "rates" on their channel to different members. These rates give the proprietor the privilege to get some portion of the salary from the channel. They can likewise change in worth and deal among the members, similar to shares.

By furnishing content makers with an assortment of monetization techniques, Verasity expects to give them more opportunity to make content that resonates with their specific group of audience


Advertisers must compensation viewers for watching their ads. They get expanded degree of profitability in promoting with Verasity Proof of View technology, which uses a block chain to give precise, safe and auditable audience metrics. For instance, this technology does not consider the season of "parallel viewing", ie, you can watch only an hour of content for each hour.

This PoV technology is a vital piece of the Verasity plan of action, as it enables the platform to dole out a progressively exact an incentive to the content. It is openly controlled, which builds the confidence of members who depend on such markers. Verasity connected for a patent related with this technology, which likewise meets the necessities of the GDP and PCI DSS

The Verasity platform consists of four components:

Video hosting and video distribution platform

Verasity is a version with a white label of the current online video platform. This implies the Verasity video player was bought from the market; the organization did not need to create it. Hence, it is a "demonstrated" item, while Verasity guarantees that the technology has officially demonstrated its viability in 8 petabytes of data for every month (1 PB = 1,048,576 GB). This scale is accomplished through the organization of Verasity with Akamai, one of the world's driving providers of CDN (Content Delivery Network). The player is likewise adjusted for versatile screens and is completely prepared for HD (in spite of the fact that the report only has 1080p/60fps, which isn't so much today).

Block Infrastructure

The block will be utilized to store all non-video data, for example, recording all microtransactions and different shrewd contracts. So as to guarantee long-term versatility, Verasity chose to utilize the Graphene block chain. This open source blockchain technology was first utilized on the BitShares platform and is presently being utilized in other major blockchain ventures, for example, Steemit and EOS. It is said that the speed of its transaction comes to ~ 3,300 every second (note this was on the platform of the BitShares test platform). In any case, its makers guarantee that it can reach from 10,000 to 100,000 transactions for every second. The way to accomplishing these velocities is its designated confirmation of a concurred consensus.

Content Management

The content administration layer that structures the interface individuals is utilized to cooperate with the platform. Verasity guarantees that this level has just been created and will incorporate functions, for example, investigation, recommendations and content moderation. Moderation of content will start at an increasingly incorporated authoritative level, step by step moving to the user's moderation system.

How to Earn VRA by Watching Video Content or Ads
In your web browser go to a website which offers VRA rewards for watching videos, live streams or ads. Check out the most up to date list on verasity web

Channel Support

This is the component that gives the Verasity platform one of its most one of a kind features - Spark Marketplace. As of now mentioned, it is here that members will almost certainly "contribute" in the content maker channel by purchasing VeraSparks. VeraSparks can likewise be traded among members for benefit. Each channel is relegated a worth dependent on a calculation that considers the quantity of perspectives (in light of PoV technology), the income stream and recommendations.

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