The B2B platform connects farmers and retailers at both ends — buying fresh fruit and vegetables directly from farmers and selling them to end - b merchants

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Onereland. com, a fresh B2B platform, received $ 2 million in funding, with epsilon venture partners leading the base hong kong, Tara fund and former investors following.
Oneacreland was founded in Melbourne in 2017, with seed-wheel financing from silicon valley angel investors. From farm to table, the B2B platform oneacreland connects farmers and retailers at both ends — buying fresh fruit and vegetables directly from farmers and selling them to end - b merchants, and is also the most active farm forum for farmers in Australia and new Zealand.
" this money allows us to scale up our business and increase efficiency through the deployment of technology platforms. " onereland team said. We want seamless docking from farm to b - end merchant in the supply chain. Next, we will apply machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analysis and other technologies to guide decision - making.
Onereland. com says fresh fruit and vegetables can be delivered to merchants within 8 - 22 hours of harvest, after being obtained directly from farmers. Once packaged, the product is shipped to onereland's warehouse and then shipped through the warehouse. Oneacreland targets online and offline retailers, including traditional stores, hotels, restaurants, companies and institutions.
On the farmer's side, onereland. com provides expert advice to farmers to control the quality and yield of their products from the source — providing operational guidance to farmers and helping them improve their harvests. Currently, there are 7,300 farmers on onereland. com, providing more than 150 kinds of fruits and vegetables.
" we believe that the next innovation for e-commerce will take place in the farm B2B space. Mahesh va idya, partner of epsilon venture partners, said. Onereland. com uses the best technology platform to improve efficiency for end-to-end supply while reducing food loss and theft.
" the greatest potential comes from automated management of the supply chain — including data management, collaborative planning and forecasting, intelligent procurement, traceability of ingredients, and so on — that makes onereland platforms more responsive and transparent. " fouder added.

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