Are you on the ground in Venezuela, @mastermagician? Perhaps you could report on the situation in a clear and unbiased way instead of relying on some graffiti to make up our minds?

Yes @novacadian im in venezuela. I only took this picture, coincidentally it was the only parking place, I understand what you are trying to say, I make the effort to write about what happens here in Venezuela but at this moment the work takes almost all my energies. In these times of crisis we are redoubling our efforts

Here is an interesting responce video to a recent broadcast by John Oliver about Venezuela. It would be interesting to hear your take on it should you.ever find the time.

I just figure that anything on comedy central is going to be very biased, this seems like a western hit piece much like how Jon Stewart tried to assail the 99% movement but if you spend 2 seconds googling things you can see his brother, Larry Leibowitz, was COO of the NYSE.

Yeah, the debunking by someone from the Empire Files, in the clip above, paints a picture of an internal economic war between the classes supported through sanctions by western nations. It was worth watching for the different perspective presented by Oliver.

Ok I could only see 10 minutes of the video, I understand maybe you have your doubts about what they say in Venezuela, I can answer them, now from 2014 until today, our situation has come to deterioration reaching the point of entering hyperinflation, today in a day it is a continuous fight, it is exhausting, desperate, the political conflict always existed but we had never experienced hyperinflation. the high cost of living reduces our minimum wage to 1 kilo of meat per month, people have to be from market to market looking for social aid products to eat, it is common to see people eating from the garbage, it is common to see people asking food . everything that tells you about our crisis is true. this is what we are living now. 9 out of 10 people I know have left the country, family members have left the country, we plan to leave if this continues. Of course the pro socialists are trying to defend Maduro but the truth that this is no longer a matter of ideology, here we live as a people without law, the government is only interested in maintaining its power quota and the opposition is never agreed on their actions , we are helpless, our only goal is to survive. that's why you'll find that nobody wants to invest here in Venezuela and those who have their money trapped here do everything possible to get it out. The government calls this economic war, when billionaires have been born of the stolen money through corruption, currency exchange and negligence. that's why there are so many Venezuelans in steemit, but in turn most of these are not going to do power up because they need every SBD. Earning 20 sbd for example equals one year of work.

espero que a pesar de tus dudas entiendas la situacion dramatica que vivimos. yo ayudo lo que puedo empezando por mis compañeros de trabajo y luego mis allegados.

espero que a pesar de tus dudas entiendas la situacion dramatica que vivimos. yo ayudo lo que puedo empezando por mis compañeros de trabajo y luego mis allegados.

I hope that despite your doubts you understand the dramatic situation that we live in this moments.

I remember in 2009 when Zimbawe went through this and we saw it in the news, we did not pay attention to it, I appreciate that the world has its attention in Venezuela, it gives us a little hope.

Of course the pro socialists are trying to defend Maduro...

When first seeing this post my feeling was that you were not a socialist. Let me wish your country well and leave it there.

I am not against socialism, I believe it is in the fundamental principle of human rights, freedom and fraternity, it does not matter the model of government as long as they do not go against these principles. thanks for your good wishes.

I have a distinct feeling that their anti-foreign "investment" stance is a large part of what has led to this and why other countries bothered to mess with them. And internal corruption has to play a huge role as well.

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