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RE: [ Mission: Agua-Possible ] Final - Conclusion - Terminado

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Hi @drutter

This is the proof that it is possible when several people care about others.
This is yet another sunshine story in the blockchain and more will probably be in the future as well.
Your wife @MediKatie is also one to be highly praised here and for the large sum of Steem that she donated.

@edgargonzalez will definitely post photos when the pump becomes a reality. I look forward to those posts.

Thanks to you @drutter who has been in charge of the project for so long and not given up.


Thank you so much @Xpilar! I'm happy to have met you. Your donations, upvotes, and friendship have been a huge boost in the last several months! You and your friends (including @ Sultan-aceh, @Streetstyle, and more) took the project to a new level, at a key time! It has been a pleasure to support this project together with you.
I too am excited to see what Edgar manages to accomplish in the coming weeks! He and his family have been through terrible times. I hope this brings a period of happiness to their faces : ))

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