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RE: Want to DOUBLE your [Mission: Agua-Possible] donation this week?! We'll match your contribution, STEEM for STEEM!

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I wonder how you get that pump over there or if there can be bought one at all. The prices are rising, corruption everywhere. I do not know if there are more people from Venezuela here, before they might have not told where they lived. @freewritehouse, @mariannewest and @crypto.piotr give them a hand as well.

Good luck you have my upvote.

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Thanks for your help!
I think there's a common belief that Venezuela is a warzone, a scorched and ruined place where people in rags fight for scaps.
From what I have seen, the reality is more that the country is gripped by a political dictatorship, natural resources are squandered, corruption is rampant, and the currency is in hyperinflation.
So there is still a functioning economy in the country, although for many large items, the USDollar is used. The USDollar, while itself a doomed currency, is far more stable than the local Bolivar (or STEEM). Once we have 1300 USD worth of STEEM, it will be transferred to Edgar, so he can use it locally to buy the cash needed to purchase the pump. The one he has his eye on is pure steel and Italian-made. I'm waiting to hear back if 1300 includes installation, or if we'll need a bit more for that.
You're right that corruption is a worry. In many cases that just means paying somebody off, so your shipment arrives on time, that kind of thing. Obviously Edgar won't pay for the pump if the installer doesn't come through. Everything is cash on delivery there (in part because of the corruption, but also because of the inflation).
What caused this situation in the first place is the government's electrical outages knocked out his pump and caused it to burn out. It had been repaired several times, but this time finally was destroyed. It's not a case of the previous pump having been stolen, or anything like that. The USA wants to invade, but so far hasn't been able to make it happen. I hope that doesn't happen, because then your fears would be true and the country will be a warzone, with no commerce or regular daily living possible. These people have already been through enough! I hope peace and stability is in sight for them.

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