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RE: [ Mission: Agua-Possible ] is almost half funded! Your upvote or donation brings clean water back to Venezuelans!

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Thanks for catching that @drutter and I too am so happy and excited to see this moving foward in leaps and bounds rather than steps and skips. I have one more Kobe post payout pending plus one #spud post pending payout that will also be used for MAP as well. Also, once #spudx is over and the winners figured out, I plan to push a little harder to get this project moving.
And yes, I think that once this project gets past 50% and closer to 100% it should go exponentially faster.


Hey @Streetstyle, your 2nd direct donation of 20.0 STEEM (in honor of Kobe Bryant) was just received! They'll both be on the coming update, Saturday! Thank you very much :)

Ok great, glad to see this project moving forward rather than sideways or worse backwards. Now that #spudx is over I will chill for a bit, but then I hope to help MAP again. I am hoping to help get it to 75% soon, especially if the Steem price can hold or even help just a little bit more. I also have a SPUD post that I pledged for MAP, so that will be on its way in the next couple of days.
As for #spud I appreciate you being considerate of others. Thank you, take care and Full Steem Ahead!

Awesome, thank you so much!
How do you mean considerate of others? I tagged this post with your spudx just to help boost it and show support. I'm glad it has gone well for you :)
Here's a cool stat...
STEEM is up to 0.19 USD today. The 3455 STEEM our project is holding (as of the last update) is already worth more than half what we need for the pump! Even without the new donations (which won't be added to the 3455 until Saturday), we're more than half way.
If the STEEM price continues to recover, we'll be finished soon, without any further support required! That has been our goal and hope ever since the price crash, and it's finally (hopefully) happening!
With your help we're so much closer to completion than we would have been! I'm so excited about the recent progress. Thank you again and good luck with all your goals and projects :D

You are welcome @drutter I am just glad to be able to help. I guess I am just grateful for where I am in life, and wish the entire world was in a better situation that it currently is in. I truly believe and feel that no person on this planet should be suffering. I truly believe that there is enough wealth and intelligence on this planet for that to be so, but unfortunately the shackles of the old systems of governance (feudalism/slavery etc) continues today through economic slavery and other means. The Kings and Queens of old are now Presidents and Governors supported by Knights at the corporate round table.
We are all happily horse-blinded economic drones.
Bitcoin or its idea was meant to free us of those invisible shackles but it got hijacked.
Then Steem came along.

100% agreed about the state of the world, and that we could all have plenty to eat, drink, shelter, and so on - if greed and corruption could be solved.
Until then, I do what I can do help the people.
I myself am below the poverty line, sometimes without enough to eat, disabled with chronic illnesses. My wife is also disabled, fighting cancer, and we just had a surprise baby (that should not have been possible) after 10 years together, so she is recovering from surgery on top of everything else. Neither of us can drive, and it's the middle of winter, snow and ice everywhere, so it's VERY hard to walk anywhere to get food, medicine, etc. Life is very hard for us, and we're at risk of losing everything if anything else goes wrong, but even still, I continue this project because I believe in seeing things through, and helping others.

Blessing with a new baby.... and I hope that things do get better for you and your family @drutter Your gesture to Edgar and his family now has even more meaning for me, seeing as how you find yourself in difficult times as well. yet you are concerned with helping others.
Well, hopefully Steem and all the cryptos keep this up, and maybe at least financially, things will begin to turn around for you, which in turn could help with other little things.

Thanks very much :)
My son is 4 months old now, so he was created one year ago. This project was 21 weeks old when he was conceived!
When we found out, it was a huge surprise, but we thought about it hard and decided to change our lives completely, move to a small town, and so on. It was very hard, both of us being sick and not having much family support, but we did it. Our son is very happy and healthy and everything was worth it :) But [MAP] came close to failure. I do not like to stop something once I start it, but my child's life would have to come first. Luckily, I was able to do both, without any major problems.
I'm very thankful to have help from you and others because it has been a bit tough a few times. Thank you.

Well they say the Universe sometimes gives us not what we want but what we need, and a beautiful baby bambino is an amazing Gift!
Glad to be able to offer support to help you see this through. As I said, this is way above and beyond, so thank you for helping another Steemian when it could be so easy to just go on about your daily. Take care and again, really happy and excited that this project is getting closer to fruition.

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