War With Venezuela Very Possible!

in #venezuela2 years ago

Trump Dictator.png

Looks like Trump may get his war to enable him to become a "war president."

This will:

  1. Increase his popularity at home since America's oligarchs, media and a certain base of the American population are of a warmongering mentality.

  2. Help his re-election chances as no "war president" has ever not been re-elected.

  3. Shake much of the Russiagate monkey and other bad press off his back.

  4. Resolve his wall and border problems by rendering them moot.

  5. Enable the US government to re-open.

  6. There are no strong Russian and Chinese influences yet in Venezuela to complicate matters.

  7. Overjoyed in his new role, he will self-aggrandize himself in history.