Crowdstrike Employee Tweeting Pro Coup Propaganda on Venezuela

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[RE: PHOTO CHART -- Notice how DNC emails were acquired on a date after Crowdstrike installed its preventative Falcon defensive application, which supposedly would have prevented hacking access.]

Why am I writing this? It's pretty simple. I'm an elderly musician, a songwriter, on medical disability who happens to also have a pretty good ear for politics. I also believe in fair elections and do not believe democratically-elected governments should be overthrown.

  • Who is Pasquale Mattozzi?

I don't know him. He's probably not a bad guy. But he works for Crowdstrike, the tech firm hired by the DNC to examine and defend the DNC computer system against what Wikileaks exposed ... but emails were accessed, likely from an inside leak, after Crowdstrike's defensive intervention. It's more than odd, given the gravity of the incident, the FBI was always denied access to the DNC computers.

Below is Mattozzi's Twitter account:

  • So what did Mattozzi do now, such that we should prominently be thinking about him?

He made the below tweet, at 2:38 on January 23, 2019, claiming family in Venezuela sent him a photo of Venezuela's resistance. Supporting this tweet (now since removed after being called out by Twitter eagle eyes) are additional tweets to his followers, encouraging everyone to resist the Nicolás Maduro Venezuelan government. Basically, his message is: Support the Venezuelan coup d'état!

Why is a Crowdstrike employee overtly supporting Venezuela's resistance movement by using revisionist propaganda film in the process? Propaganda on Venezuela? I mean it's not like Crowdstrike wasn't involved with the Russiagate propaganda. Right?

Below is the tweet Mattozzi removed:

1 AAA Venezuela.jpg

  • But there's a huge-huge problem. The photo he's claiming came from family in Venezuela is actually a screen shot from a video on Youtube of a Venezuelan rally that was actually filmed in 2016. So the photo Mottozzi tweeted is not from 2019. Note how the video (below) and the screenshot (above) are the same:

This information was ascertained by Twitter user Nina Illingworth, a writer and analyst.

  • Twitter Conversation About the Discovery:

  • Relative to Crowdstrike and the DNC controversy:

  • I noticed from reviewing Mattozzi's Twitter page he's a basketball fan. Should he somehow get to read this, he might enjoy my proposed rule changes for how basketball is scored and games are won.

Propaganda Tweets:

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Propaganda Tweets.jpg

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