Venezuelan government increases prices to apply for passport

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This Friday the vice president of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, added another negative point to the already difficult mechanism to obtain the Venezuelan passport after announcing the new price that will have the indispensable document to leave the country.

Rodriguez reported that "as of Monday, October 8, the costs of Venezuelan passports under the Petro is 7,200 sovereign bolivars for new passports and 3,600 sovereign bolivars for renewal (...) passports will be charged in petros as of November 1: 2 petros for the issuance of a new passport and 1 petro for the extension. In addition, from this date all services will have to be charged in Petros. "

Before said increases, Venezuelans expressed their concern and annoyance since the limit in the amounts of the credit cards are not enough to cover the expenses at the time of requesting the identity document, since the institution does not accept payments in cash or cards of debit.

Similarly, the price of a passport is equivalent to four minimum wages and the renewal of the same two salaries, tying hands to Venezuelans who want to obtain the document and violating their right to identity as contemplated by the Venezuelan Constitution.

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