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in venezuela •  last month


I am from Maracaibo, Venezuela. I'm here in Steemit since one year and it costed to me too much to get the karma i have today. Good bless the people -and the bots- who suported me in every single post i've made.

    Right here -in Venezuela- i'm in a very hard position. Just one week ago was the longest blackout in Venezuela's history which derivated in many lootages around Venezuela. The day after energy came on, it was too hard to find some foodstore open. In my house is no water, so i'm forced to live in parent's house meanwhile i have nothing to feed in my apartment.

    I don't know, these people -from both sides of political ideology- don't want to give each other. And we, the people, are the big losers, we -not only Maduro- are isolated by right-wing governments around the world. Trump blocked our economy and he will still doing it because that is what he wants. Many of venezuelan has been forced to emigrate and face the xenophobia in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Canada and United States. Some of them has returned back, many of them did so to leave again and the other many preferred to stay here.

      It's a madness here, i am very affraid about a civil war in Venezuela. Trump wants so, not us. Better pray for not happening.

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      Hello my dear friend @maikelblogo ... Nice to hear from you and thanks a lot for coming here..!!

      First of all, keep with an stronger mind, we always try to fight with different kind of challenges and many bad things are happening around the world..

      So, keep strong your motivation, because you are now in a better place here on STEEMIT, this is the future for many people around the world, also I´m pretty sure this is the solution for many problems that are happing in this life...

      Bad governments exist everywhere my friend, but it can´t stop us to continues improving our knowledge ..

      Just don´t give up for nothing my friend, many people are here to help, So, I´m trying to give my small support for now and thinking a new strategy to help more in the future for sure...!!!

      Keep in touch my friend, let´s do a better community ...

      About the steems, let me explain a bit how they are going to be distributed. Every Venezuelan who comments will receive votes for each person in his comments, the more votes each person has, the more steems they have.

      This will be distributed by steem-bounty at the end of seven days ending the post, let each person knows that the more votes they have in their comments, the more steems will be sent to their wallets. Let´s do it ...


      Thank You @edgarare1!!!

      Bad governments exist everywhere my friend, but it can´t stop us to continues improving our knowledge ..

      Yes, for sure. All history have more bad people than good ones. These last live too short...


      You are tremendously right my friend, but don´t worry about that, this technology can stop them in the future... Blockchain is the future for us...