RE: That Feeling of Dread When the World's Largest Aggressor Parks Their War Machine 1 km From Your House.

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That Feeling of Dread When the World's Largest Aggressor Parks Their War Machine 1 km From Your House.

in venezuela •  4 months ago 

So you would like people from other countries to come die for you? I know one thing for sure. Venezuela made their own mess and if you want change then you should take your country back. Asking the worlds largest bully to come fix your mess will not come for free. I know free sounds good to Venezuelans since Socialism has reigned strong for years but free is never free. If you think the Americans will not get anything in return for fixing your mistakes you are sadly mistaken.

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Greetings friend @hilarski! With all due respect, from Venezuela and as a Venezuelan, the son of a European immigrant who emigrated because of the Nazi holocaust, I pose my humble opinion, the problem of 21st century socialism is not only of Venezuela, it is a well orchestrated plan where interests are involved from many parts of the world, and who want to take this socialist project to the whole world. In this sense, the struggle to eradicate this socialist project is not only for Venezuelans.

Do not be surprised when in your community, wherever you live, you see propaganda about Chavez and the socialist plan. Friend @hilarski What are you going to do when you meet a chavista in your community offering you the socialism of the 21st century?


I am an Anarcho-Capitalist so when I hear a Chavista speak I spit out my coffee in laughter. We have people that don't know economics in Panama as well. We just call them Socialists.


Thanks for your honest response! We're going to need a lot of coffee!

Saludos amigo @hilarski! Con todo el respeto, desde Venezuela y como venezolano, hijo de inmigrante europeo que emigro por motivo del holocausto nazi, planteo mi humilde opinión, el problema del socialismo del siglo 21 no es solamente de Venezuela, es un plan bien orquestado donde están involucrados intereses de muchas partes del mundo, y que desean llevar este proyecto socialista a todo el mundo. En este sentido la lucha para erradicar este proyecto socialista no es solo de los venezolanos.

No te extrañes cuando en tu comunidad, vivas donde vivas, veas propaganda sobre chavez y el plan socialista. Amigo @hilarski ¿Que vas hacer cuando te encuentres con un chavista en tu comunidad ofreciéndote el socialismo del siglo 21?

Again you are wrong and it is clear why you ignore what we have lived. In addition, it does not pay attention to the details, but to the "interests of the United States". I never said that his help would be free and I do not care if we go back to freedom. The fallacy is his desire to criticize the United States because he wants "oil", but he says nothing about Russia and China, they are here robbing my country and not just Arepas, pork and coconut.
We never agreed that another nation would come to solve our problem and we did everything possible to avoid it, but they killed us, tortured us, etc. We are not armed, we are defenseless and we need help. Ok mother takes the oil, I do not understand why you worry that a "good" about the lives of thousands of Venezuelans.
And looking beyond the oil that is what matters to you, the Maduro regime has created a criminal and drug trafficking state that affects the countries of the region.
It is also a nest of terrorists and home to criminals.
By the way, the displacement of Venezuelans around the world is also a problem for every nation that receives Venezuelans, nobody can support so many people who flee and, therefore, many Venezuelans in a country are a political force that can affect the countries.
There are more details that are important if Maduro is still in power and you come to talk about oil ... that is what matters least to us.



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