Gaby, these photos are wonderful, especially that first shot! Magnificent, fabulous, and soulful! Bravo! 💙 I just wish that their situation, and yours, and that of all your country, could be better. 🙏

Thank you for all the best wishes! :)

Awesome story (and shots). Resteemed!

Hey!!!! I missed you guys. Thanks for the resteem:D

Here we are! You betcha :)

Makes me sad that there appears to be no investment in education, the youth along with the teachers are being cheated.

Ricardo's portrait is very powerful, he has the look of a man trapped, credit to him continuing to teach in spite of not being paid.

I had a close look at the image, the quality is top notch, excellent.

Wow @richee thanks. Coming from you, it means a lot. You are an awesome photographer. Thanks for the feedback!

You are very welcome

You have such beautiful and powerful body of art, Gaby ! I love these photos and I think they captured very meaningful people and time in your country.... Gorgeous post <3

Spidey!!! You have this magical power to always make me smile when you drop a comment on my blog :) Thanks for appreciating my way of art. Hugs to you

That first shot is just soul wrenchingly beautiful. Hope you guys can pull though this crisis. Such a beautiful country and people. Sad to see such an avoidable crisis like this happen.

Thanks. It's tough. I think it's one of the hardest photos I've taken. I was really moved by their story. And Ricardo's eyes say so much.

it is hard to say anything. i was a kid when we were in that situation. it will move forward but it is slow. hope that it will not last for much longer.
your photos are great, and with equipment you have, you do miracles.

Wow. 50 cents! Damn. It's also so appropriate that the denomination is called BS. It really is one.

HAHAHAHAHA OMG I didn't realise it. "BS" . Best comment ever.

@derangedvisions recommended I check out your blog. what a find! The story is really touching and you're a master-class photographer. I will be on [steemitramble discord] today and I'd like to mention you there so more people can enjoy your content! Bravo.

Wow thanks. I'm glad my photos are able to get the message out there. And it's an honour to be mentioned. Wes is a dear friend, one many great friendships steemit brought into my life :) Thanks for the mention. Joining now the discord. And again, thanks for all the feedback and support.

Incredible and striking photograph. Very sad to see what is happening in Venezuela.

Thanks Jeremy. It’s sad. Hope it will pass soon!

Es triste saber la realidad en la que se encuentran los profesores universitarios en Venezuela y pensar que hace años era si se les trataba como se debía. Hoy son victimas de un misero salario y de amenazas por parte de antisociales "universitarios". Saludos desde la UDO

Si, es triste. Espero Venezuela aprenda de esto rápido y sigamos adelante. Igual saludos para ti.

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Thanks guys. You're the best.

Shivers are rolling dow my spine as I read. I'm speachless about the photographies. My compliments on your work!

asi es la triste realidad de mi pais...

Tal cual :(

his salary reached almost 6,700,000 bolivars (67 BS). Which is equivalent to approximately 50 cents.

Bloody hell! This nearly brought tears to my eyes. I hope the situation improves very soon. I love Venezuelan people (I've never been, but I have many many friends from there)

Your photography is exquisite.

Oh wow well thanks for the feedback. And thanks for all Sweet words on us venezuelans. It’s a sad situation indeed. Even though these guys keep giving classes in the university. Hope this will pass soon

powerful message and excellent photographs. The situation in Venezuela is so awful. Prayers.

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Powerful portraits as always. Great job! These professors deserve serious respect. I like the way you've showed social responsibility through your works. Resteemed!

Hey! Glad to see you here. I try to do my best with what I have. I see so much suffering and so many things going wrong here, if I can help with my photos, then why not? Thanks for the resteem :)

Good Post

grande @gabyoraa te felicito por dedicar un post a los profesores, a veces no valoran el gran sacrificio que hacen por darnos su aprendizaje, linda fotografia por cierto.

Gracias @chirulo, la verdad es que se merecen este post y toda mi admiración. Saludos!

Wow. 50 cents is so tough. So much respect for these professors. I hope the situation improves soon. Great post.

I was quite scared to check this post because I thought that professor is in jail, but thankfully he is not. Though that's not much consolation with how little salary he earned last May >_>.
Powerful stuff Gaby.

Yeah it does resemble a jail and I think it’s what makes it so dramatic. I didn’t do that on purpose to be honest, but his sad face makes it even harder to look. I didn’t know Ricardo before this shot but apparently he is a well known teacher and many who have seen the photo are amazed by how skinny and deteriorated he looks. :(

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Such great portraits, really good work Gaby. Really sad to hear about the difficulties your country is experiencing, but it's cool to see you using your skills to communicate that suffering.

Seth! Always makes me happy to see you in my blog. :) I do what I can, helps me get through my days without getting depressed. :)

Woohoo! Happy to hear that! I always love seeing your pictures, I just don't always get around to commenting :) Haha fair enough, I'd say that's a great coping skill to use!

Well good to know! I always see your posts too but I don’t comment haha. So we’re even :)

Haha right on, that works for me! ;)

Se me quedó el alma con ellos y quebrada en este post. Haces mucho aunque no lo creas. Y efectivamente, las fotografías que has logrado tomar, captan todo, nada más que agregar. Te felicito siempre por el gran trabajo humanitario que haces.

Gracias @carolinaidrogo. Tus palabras siempre tan hermosas. Un abrazo

Cada vez veo a la gente en la calle más delgada, amigos que estaban rellenitos ahora están muy delgados. Es muy doloroso lo que estamos pasando.

Así es. No sabes lo triste que me puso ver a todos los profesores tan delgaditos y todo tan deteriorado. Fue duro para mi tomar estas fotos.

Si me lo imagino es bastante dificil y duro. @gabyoraa

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