It would be an invasion, The best way to help Venezuela?

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Greetings to all Steemiants, My name is Alexander, I am from Sucre - Venezuela I am 24 years old and tomorrow I am 25 years old. I want to talk a little about what I think about my country, and how I think and many people that should happen so that in Venezuela there could be a change.

Today there is a lot of mention of the political issue, the economic issue, and the social issue.


Venezuela is a topic of conversation in any international forum or television channel, and has become the topic with more recent and interesting information worldwide.

  • Economic crisis.
  • Political Crisis (Dictatorship)
  • Military intervention.

Economic Crisis.

The economic situation in Venezuela is incredible and very difficult. There are many reasons why the economic situation of the country, worsened from one moment to another and that instead of improving what is going on is declining.

I would like to explain why the situation in Venezuela is getting harder every day.

One of the reasons why the economic situation is very unbalanced is the so-called economic warfare, it is known so because perhaps the same Venezuelans end up with the Venezuelan economy, how does it happen? Well, it happens because there are many people in Venezuela who do not think that there are others who need to have their daily food, they buy and buy, perhaps to re-sell, or to hoard, that like the well-known Chaviztas or government. They buy and monopolize all the food so that when the government of Venezuela increases the salary, the inflation of economic prices increases, and everything they kept sell it twice or even triple the previous price.

Another factor for the economic crisis is the lack of support for political factors in the government of Venezuela, you already know President Nicolas Maduro, and the situation due to Humanitarian Aid last February 23, personally I was very stubborn to see that Venezuelans under the orders of the president of Venezuela are ready to attack and burn trucks with food and medicines that perhaps they themselves need someday. But if you who are the international community do not realize what we live here, nobody can help.

Political Crisis (Dictatorship)

Political crisis, For about 19 years, the government of Venezuela was under the command of former President Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias, and began its Presidential era called "The Revolution", Personally I respected President Chavez because he was an intelligent and wise person tell the Venezuelans and the international community.

As the years went by, the president began expropriating private companies in Venezuela and jobs began to be reduced, which is why many Venezuelans began to lose jobs.

President Chavez passed away and then an election in Venezuela, President Chavez, left President Nicolas Maduro in the presidential office.

The current President Nicolas Maduro, is known internationally as leader of a dictatorship that is even worse than the dictatorship lived in Cuba, since the same Venezuelans have restrictions in communications media or via television of what happens at the democratic level or what happens internationally with the name of Venezuela, we only see what they want us to see, and for them Venezuela is perfect and absolutely nothing happens.

Several presidential elections have been held for a long time, and all those that have been made have been winners on the side of the Chavista Revolution, because the judges of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Supreme Court of Justice, and the National Assembly Costituyente, they are all followers of the ideal of President Chavez, and therefore no just elections are measured.

With the problems that Venezuela currently faces, it is expected that a presidential election will be held, with international judges to support the moment of the vote reduction and perhaps to get out of this dictatorship by the way of peace, and thus have a new president Elected and that as much as possible is Juan Guaidó, since he is the Acting President of Venezuela. And if the exit is not in this peaceful way, there is only the last point to speak, and it would be a military intervention.

Military Intervention

Many countries are against a possible military intervention, and although Juan Guaidó, Acting President of Venezuela does not rule out the possibility of military intervention, many Venezuelans see that if this happens, many of us will suffer the consequences.

This week the UN and the European community met and it was said that they want to avoid a military intervention in Venezuela which would bring many deaths and much damage to the Venezuelan country.

The president of the United States of North America, Donald Trump, does not rule out possible military intervention, and being Trump the one that most supports the intervention, the ministers of the United States are in favor of the military force of the United States to support in Venezuela and a transition of government is made, so that the dictatorship falls and the bad times in Venezuela end.

But? Is that what should happen, bring good things or make things worse ?.

Political analysts, deduce that if President Trump invades Venezuela, and Juan Guaidó takes power from the Republic of Venezuela, he will want to come and seek the riches that our country has, Diamantes, oro, Petroleo ...

Venezuela lives from its production and export of oil, more than 10 years ago, 300,000 barrels of oil were produced daily and today, due to the situation and lack of foreign currency by the National Government, 300,000 are produced annually, and the largest buyers of Petroleum, would be the United States and Brazil.
Today, the purchases of oil by these two countries have fallen by more than 50% and the sanctions of the United States to Venezuela, keeps tighter the financial situation of the country. For what we do not know what to think the Venezuelans, If the military aid would be for a good or an evil ..

We know that when Venezuela intervenes a great conflict will be created and many Venezuelans will suffer the consequences, but maybe Donald trump enter Venezuela and give the necessary help or just want to stay with our natural reserves?

These are the subjects that Venezuelans think about daily. But something is certain, and we hope that one way or another comes out of the presidential power Nicolas Maduro and that whoever is the next president, do not make us suffer more.

The situation worsens day by day in Venezuela, food increases in price very quickly, medicines are not found, and when they are sold, they sell them at very high prices, they do not get good jobs, the Venezuelan government, they just want to have the Venezuelans as exclaves earning very little money.

A dollar in Venezuela is in 3000 sovereign Bolivares, and the minimum salary is 18,000 sovereign Bolivares, meaning that a Venezuelan earns $ 6 per month. While in other countries 6 $ would be an hour of work. Do you think that it is not to suffer? If we ask for help and if we wait for help.

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Allow them to engage in the international market like every other country, don't create a crisis by cutting them off from the financial system to enforce regime change

What the USA need is a war on its soil, where missiles and grenades go off every minute only then shall they appreciate the value of dialogue

That country started off with noble pursuit but a lot of the problems in the World today has the USA fingerprint all over it, Venezuela is to rich for them to ignore now, and I say its gone to far into the process for them to turn around now. It embarrassing after a month, the objectives they set haven't been achieved.

The USA would lose a lot of allies in the coming months, most countries especially in the Western hemisphere especially Latin America and Caribbean are just playing around, accept whatever they give and vote against them in whatever they put forward, as soon as a stable financial fiat system emerges outside the control of the USA, the USA would find itself in a hole.

Give it some time, right now its a matter of time, they feel they are to big to fail and their sense of superiority would stand forever, its going to be sad but from the ashes we would rise a better world where people respect each other difference

To all great Steemians who would like to participate to Venezuela crypto empowerment it would be great if you could send some of your SDB to @chinotattooart.


This is certainly a crisis, its a difficult problem to solve because we have to avoid a civil war at all costs

I hope my upvote can support you!

Upvoted 100%



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