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This is one of the most significant men that the Venezuelan land has given birth to; it is Renny Ottolina, also known as Number One. You can read about this great man over the Internet but I think the best way to get to know him is through his own interviews and radio/television programs. There are many records of his vision and his memory. In 1978 he was running for president, if you keep reading about him (or listening to his own broadcasts), you´ll find out that he was extraordinarily charismatic and ahead of his time. There is no doubt that he had the ability to fascinate his listeners with his charm and supernatural intelligence.

His ideas are remarkable, even today (more than ever) they have absolute validity. In this interview I want to share with you he´s talking about the importance of making Venezuela an agricultural power, because of the simple fact that, if not, we would starve to death. It is curious and very funny to hear how Renny makes one of the ignorant journalists of this interview –who wants to destroy his reputation- look totally ridiculous several times. He was characterized mainly by his forceful and violent criticism of corruption and inefficiency.

Everyone seemed to love him.

He dies tragically in an airplane crash during his political campaign. The presidency was won by a non-memorable fat puppet and the country, as you may know, went straight to disaster.

In my opinion, Renny Ottolina was perhaps the best intellectually trained man to run for president, ever. And his charisma can be only compared with another political figure that I rather call Voldemort instead of using his terrible and polemic name. So, here is the interview, enjoy and learn…


One of the handful of men who can be rescued from the pseudo-democratic period. He understood that the biggest problem, both in the past and in the present, in Venezuela as in any country, is always moral corruption, because it's what causes all the other corruptions.

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