thank you very much, kunschj!!
You have been upvoting and donating the whole time. awesome.
We're coming Edgar, hang in there a bit more.

I really want to see this succeed. Thanks for all you do as well.

gracias por su apoyo feliz año bendiciones

Wow! I'm predicting another big jump up next Saturday, no matter what the STEEM price does this week! YES :D
Thank you Kunschj. And happy new calendar to you :)

I hope you’re right. Thanks for continuing to lead this effort. Hang in there Edgar.

Your contribution was matched by @xpilar! Right on, thank you very much both of you.

That is fantastic! Thanks @xpilar.

Hi @kunschj

Yes, it is nice to support this project

gracias amigo @kunschj por su apoyo para la mision agua posible agradecido y feliz año para usted y toda su familia bendiciones

De nada, Edgar. Feliz año nuevo!

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