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RE: [ Mission: Agua-Possible ] just hit 25% complete! 2020 will be the year we bring water back to Edgar's family!

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More big news everybody!

@xpilar has just sent us the Steem for payout on this post, and it was 2.0 Steem more than anticipated, so that amount has been edited into this post. Thank you Xpilar!

But the biggest news is that @sultan-aceh contributed 100 Steem, and thanks to the donations from @streetstyle and @kunschj, Xpilar has contributed an additional 10 Steem each, for a total of:

+180 STEEM!

That amount will be added to the coming update (Saturday), and will surely cause another nice boost in our progress, stay tuned!

Thank you very much Xpilar and everybody involved with the Streetlove team. They have become huge supporters of our cause and I appreciate them!


Yes @drutter,
it is nice to see it lift the project to new heights

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