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For nobody is a secret, the situation that Venezuela is going through. For these reasons, many people have emigrated outside the country. And there are many countries that are grateful to Venezuelans, because in some past time, Venezuela opened their arms when they had difficult times.
Now, it is our turn to leave a country rich in everything and badly governed by few ... Looking for a better future for our children, but there are ethnophobic people who do not want the presence of anyone in their lands and it turns out that the Venezuelan, for Generally, we are noble, kind, big-hearted, sincere, jovial, fun, but above all, we are honest workers and we like the best in everything. That is why I am asking you if you know any Venezuelan who is different from what I told you, do not say that we are all equal, because in this vineyard of the Lord, everything exists. And his word says that every day he renews his mercies and that the Sun comes out, for good people as well as for bad people, does not say that for blacks or whites or Chinese or Muslims or North Americans or for birds, animals, plants, in short, for all creation ... He says "for all", so, do not judge anyone and you will not be judged.
I want to thank those countries, where their citizens treat all ethnic groups equally without distinction of anything.
I bless you in the name of Jesus.

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