Veil Give You Passive Income And Stay Anonymous

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I've been considering crypto-money since I believe in blockchain technology was the tech of the future. Because I think two instances cannot be separated. Digital cash will also be a part of their future like blockchain technology. But transparency, one of the critical features of blockchain networking technology, results in your cryptocurrency being transparent.

The cryptocurrency technologies are designed to deliver privacy, safety, lower fees and hope to its users. In this pursuit, many platforms and currencies which is based on blockchain technologies have been demonstrated to fulfill these demands but their input appears to be somewhat low in comparison to the anticipation of their users and fans of their crypto.

The most frequent problem with cryptocurrencies is a simple fact that solitude is lagging and real safety. Making consumers and adopters exposed to some kind of hacks and risks for their own funds. Privacy coins now turned into a significant requirement in the crypto market. These causes users to crave privacy coins such as myself writing this report. It's a belief that a solitude coin will veil your trades and it is histories, it retains the harshes untraceable and retain the identities of those involved with the transactions personal.

Additionally, it protects the wallet receiving by so doing, It's convinced of a bonded and uncompromised solitude in its different investments as the speed of crypto-related dangers and hacks will be curbed to a fantastic extent.

So I find the project named Veil Coin project. It was a project that got my attention. the founder is James Burden (the founder of Pivx coin also). James Burden decides to make the Veil project, you will find lessons we learned in the very last phases when producing PIVX coin, he says. Veil PIVX's enhanced new version, I will say much more equipped. On the other hand, the main thing that excites me in the project was that it started functioning on privacy.
So let’s get started

What is Veil Coin?

The veil is working to supply"fulltime" solitude, without compromise. Veil enables its holders to make rewards through staking now, and later on, anonymously. No premine. Veil's blockchain is procured through Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake so as to unite distribution and security. From innovative wallet ports to seed retrieval, to all-encompassing economies of storage area, Veil provides the advantages of crypto to the masses via a focus on user experience.
The Veil network comprises built-in self-funding for project development, operations, client service and continuing research and development. The veil will continue to push the limitations of cryptography and blockchain engineering through Veil Labs, a thing specializing in R&D and partnerships with major academic institutions.
With the addition of RingCT and Dandelion, it is not possible to get the origin of the Veil. And lastly, it is going to grow scaling with Bulletproofs and offer the smallest processing dimension. It’s currently working to decrease the processing dimensions of 11.3 kilobytes. I understand it was quite specialized. However, I wished to inform you veil coin would be the keeper of your own riches.

What algorithm does Veil use?

The Veil network operates a hybrid Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus system. The Proof-of-Stake consensus system guarantees optimum decentralization, energy efficiency and provides a mechanism for many Veil holders to earn rewards in the Veil through the procedure for staking. To further enhance the coin's solitude, staking will only be accessible through Zerocoin denominations, and also because of this, all Veil accounts (with the exception of trades ) will probably auto-mint to these denominations: 10, 100, 1000 and 10000 Zerocoin Veil. The Proof-of-Work mining program ensures a reasonable distribution of the coin, avoids the necessity of an ICO or pre-mine, and adds safety to the general network. To promote equity of mining, Proof-of-Work mining will utilize the ASIC-resistant X16RT hashing algorithm, a better variant of X16R introduced from the Ravencoin project.

Veil emission in table
emision skedul.png

Why Veil?

Some provide always-on solitude but are based on technology that might not prove satisfactory anonymous in the long term. Others, according to complex cryptography, are enabled for non-private trades, which will confuse and confound their customers. Knowledge is offered to you an instant degree of always-on solitude and anonymity. When Veil's roadmap is finished, you'll never need to worry about being inverted making a non-private trade. What's more, in the sake of long-term viability, the Veil system is intended to provide financing for continuing operations to continue development and research within the fields of cryptography and blockchain engineering. In my opinion, the blend of amazing privacy technology, using a network made for sustainability, can create Veil among the most persuasive cryptocurrencies on the planet.

How to get Veil coin?

There're several ways you can get Veil coin but for the First, you need to download the latest version desktop wallet here choose your compatible device. Next, How to get the Veil?

  1. By mining the Veil coin
    You can mine the coin by joining the pool explorer. mining veils calculator you can find by this link

  2. Buy from exchanges
    For an instant, you can buy Veil from the existing exchange coz Veil has been listed on the various exchange you can check detail about the list of exchanges here. After you buy some you can store them into your desktop wallet.

  3. Because Veil adopts PoS (Proof-of-Stake) once your Veil coin has stored into your desktop wallet you can already be staking the Veil and get the passive income for that, your veil coins will increase then.


An era of privacy and security is here. Now the era of blockchain with high security and high privacy protection. A new era of privacy with no compromise was ushered in by Veil project. Ushering in always-on privacy, Veiling that your crypto assets and also making your trades impossible to be tracked. All as a result of the brain behind this incredible opportunity (veil). The first start of Privacy and safety uncompromised!

Links project below:

Website | Discord | Telegram | Github | Reddit

Bitcointalk: roberdecryptos
Basic coin Address: bv1q3swzzak24g0g6305rrmpsd40uc69yar39wpyfw


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