They don't make em' like this anymore!

Around here we don't have any "sexy" vehicles. They all work hard. My entry for this week's Vehicle Photography Contest organized by @juliank. Our Masey Ferguson 230 Tractor. This machine is 42 years old and is still working hard.



They sure don't make them like that. We have an old tractor as well. Rob thinks it is a 1956. That thing is a tank and runs great.

We are so glad we bought an old, reliable tractor. My husband has a shot at fixing it when things go wrong. These new ones with all their fancy electronics are not too friendly for a budget conscience homestead. My only issue is I forget what the levers do ...but I'll get it eventually.

Yes the old ones are easier to fix. For sure! I would agree about not being budget friendly for someone like us. Also they are huge. The small old ones are nice and easy to drive. Actually I don't drive the tractor. I am not sure what levers to use.

Thank You, I love the old farm tractors.

Glad you like it!

I love old. It has character and they are built well. I was going through my equipment list and the only thing that I have that is new is a generator! Even my Jeep is 20 years old and stil running like a new one!

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