vehiclephotography:The traditional Tricycle Pedicab Yogyakarta " Becak Kayuh

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Vehiclephotography:The traditional Tricycle Pedicab Yogyakarta- " Becak Kayuh"

Hi dear Steemiants, this is my entry for the #vehiclephotography# contest by @juliank.

The traditional Tricycle Pedicab has one wheel behind and two wheels in front with passenger seat position in front, while rider or rowing is behind.

This traditional pedal rickshaw we meet in Yogyakarta, a tourist city located in Indonesia. The development of modern times, becak population increasingly dim, because the riders began to modify the pedicab from using manual power by using a motor engine.

Becak is an exotic vehicle that can be a convenient and cheap option for visitors of Gudeg city. Some say this unspoiled transprotation mode was imported from Singapore in the 1930s. But there are also notes that the pedicab model was first assembled in Makassar in the years before the Japanese invaded the Dutch East Indies.

In the special and creative Jogja community, becak has shifted its function into an exotic tourism vehicle. With the hospitality and sincerity of pedicabs can be employment that the results are not inferior to modern taxis.

If you visit Jogja city, do not forget, enjoy this becak service. Almost everyone thinks this means of transportation does not make a drunk like a motorized vehicle and you are guaranteed not to experience "jet lag" is likely to just "becak lag" aka overslept in a becak because of the breeze.


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