Just Desserts, from Ice-Cream Truck, Southeast-Asia-style … Thailand – Vehicle Photography

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Far out in the countryside, with no shops for miles around, how could we get ourselves an ice cream?  

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3-wheel culture

Throughout Southeast Asia, scooters are the most common form of motorized transport. And if a 2-wheel scooter is not enough, well … just add a sidecar. Simple.   

We occasionally see these ice-cream sidecars around town, usually parked at a location that has a steady stream of potential customers walking by. On this day, we discovered that they also do distant “house calls.”  

Ice cream to your door … or to the lakeside

After finishing our delectable meal at this rustic lakeside restaurant, we asked the waiter if they had any dessert. “No,” she replied, but added that, if we would like some ice-cream, we only had to wait a few minutes. 

She made a quick call on her mobile phone, and about 10 minutes later, along came this shiny red scooter – with a sidecar full of just desserts.  
Location – Chiang Mai, on Google Maps

This is my entry in @juliank’s Vehicle Photography contest.
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Lucky for that ice cream vendor - he has no competitor in his costumers, lol

That's right. The only competition was among us diners, trying to get first in line to buy ice cream!!

After snapping this photo, I had to elbow a few people out of the line, but I soon managed to get to the front of the line and get myself a well-deserved treat. ☺

This has to be the best ice cream "truck" I have ever seen, I love it!

I agree. Love the color, love the delivery speed. And love the taste!

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I would be even more impressed if you had posted a recording of yourself singing the annoying song they play incessantly!
Mines a Manau with strawberry sauce and rainbow sprinkles please......

Sorry, but I can't sing well ... or badly!

Here it is service !!! We will deliver ice cream to any part of the country. It seems to me that this is a great marketing idea that should be worth using.

Вот это сервис!!! Доставим морожено в любой уголок страны. Мне кажется, что это великолепная маркетинговая идея которую стоить взять на вооружение.

Really! Let's start up an "Uber Ice-Cream Delivery" venture. We might make millions!

Wow, great Amazing Car & great place,i live

Only Ice cream cart. Lucky one

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excellent article!


Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it ...

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Such a wonderful place,very amazing photography.this three wheel scooter looks so great,Everyone like to eat ice cream very much,cornetto ice cream is my favrite ice cream,wonderful travelling,Tailand is most wonderful country,thanks for sharing your great trip,

This is so cute vehicle @majes.tytyty :)

I saw the most wonderful post in your post. The post is very great

Wow. Thanks. I'm really thrilled that you like it so much. Do you really think it's "great"?

El carrito de Casimiro

Wow i love this post .i am big fan of photography i have many post on my id of my first photography picture.but not suport any one i think my picture not like your .please give me some tips about photography

Hahahaah. Nice es cream i like that

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No not ice-cream cart trailer, there is many kind of it such as fruits, vegetables, foods. 🤣🤣🤣


Nice vehicle photography.. here in the Philippines we have a lot icecream vendor but mostly 2 wheels only..

It seems the ice cream trucks has more scope of earning than the rest

Ice cream is coming for you.

I love, I love the eyes' vectors on the slightly off-centered punching red. My compliments:)

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which place is it?

Location. Chiang Mai. Click on link beside map

Most welcome. Very nice your postdove-2516641__480.jpg