My RX7 FD enjoying the summer.

 RX7 front.jpg
Click on the pic for a Hires version

This is my Big Single Turbo Mazda RX7 FD3s.
The sign behind says "Thanks for filling up with the greenest fuel". Probably helps if you have a catalyser though right?


Straight pipe for the win buddy! Almost time for me to go DP and straight pipe! :)

Just open the hood and stick sausages straight on the intake manifold 😆
Flame 🔥 grill burgers 🍔 at the rear 😂

You two and all your RX7's are making me jealous :( Need some rotary action in my life soon @nelkeljdm ...hint hint

You can always ask @nelkeljdm if you can pilot the black “Ship of Ev1L” 😉

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