STEEMIT! HELP! Choose my S15's shoes?

in #vehiclephotography3 years ago (edited)

Cant decide what wheels my s15 should be sitting on... :/

Have 3 sets to choose from. Please refer below, I cant make up my fkn mind lol..

STEEMIT YOU DECIDE! Most popular wins! Upvote your fav rims in comments and the one with the most will be what I choose!

P.s: It goes without saying - If the new rims win, they will be bought with bitcoin :P

Have work meisters currently (17 x 8.5 +20 all around)...^

Shadow chrome stockies - easy to fry :P (16 x 6.5 +45 all around)...^


Or should I go with brand new rims? (SSW rotate 17 x 8.5 +20 front 17 x 9.5 +20 rear)...^


(SSW rotate 17 x 8.5 +20 front 17 x 9.5 +20 rear) FTW brother!

While i'm a fan of the Meisters, the SSW's look pretty dope

Im leaning towards them myself :P Thanks man!

No worries mate. I had Work Emotion XD9's (18 x 10 +18) on my old 04 WRX, so i have a love for Work Wheels, but the SSW look similar to the XD9's

I'm with you on this! :)

The SSW looks good would probably look god on the car also

Thanks man. Im leaning towards them myself. Plus I want to see if my bitcoin debit card works :P

UPVOTE for workmeisters :)

UPVOTE for stockies :)

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