Cristmas contradiction

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In December, we took a trip to Iceland where we slept on top of our 4WD, in a tent, for a whole month. Sounds tough right? But we were very lucky concerning the weather. It was cold but not that stormy. I took this photo in the afternoon of December 24. We spent Christmas evening in Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon where the icebergs gather and roll out into the sea. First we were lucky enough to catch the far away northern lights, then started to cook. We finished our Christmas dinner that we made in the tent, then quickly took down the tent because of the upcoming snowstorm. So we slept in the car. Was really uncomfortable, and not the first time doing it.

We spent Christmas around Jökulsárlón, visiting ice caves and just hanging around. The place is a famous tourist attraction. It's preposterous to stand on the beach with the other visitors and stare at the terribly beautiful icebergs floating away. I couldn't really enjoy and admire the view. I froze to death and not because of the cold. It's hard to witness the irreversible effects of our civilization. It's hard to explain to anybody around us, not to enjoy seeing such beautiful things. People from all over the world, its our fault to see such things, they are not the amazing creation of the nature.


SettingsISO 200 1/50 sec
CameraSony a7s2
LensTokina 24-40 mm
Locationon the road in Iceland

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Very creative shot. Love it!
And did I get this right, you slept on top of your car? On the roof?


yes, you might see on the photo, there is a packed tent on top of the car and every night we made our camp and opened the whole package. wait! i show you a picture of the proper tent :)


Just upvoted it. That's excellent :)


very kind of you, hope to see your next post as well :)

Lovely silhouette photo!
You mention the northern lights... I find those intriguing... did you manage to take some pictures of those?


Thank you Edward! During our trip, we catched aurora borealis like 10 times. We were very lucky!
I show you a picture best describing it:
Thank you very much for your inspiring question!


Thanks for the post with the picture! I hope to be able to see the northern lights some day as well...

Very nice!


thank you :)

Congrats, creative shot! What car is it? We also spent a few weeks in Iceland and we loved it very much!

Have a look at my Iceland-pictures if you like!



it was a toyota land cruiser, the best one! I like your motto: leave the beaten track!" keel doin' and posting. followed!

amazing shot ! Following you for sure

Wow, this is a really neat photo!