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As we all know , nutrition is a life controversy where almost everyone decide to eat more veggies to help improve well-being and healthy condition.

However the challenge is that many people are not able to access them and also the taste is never great.sometimea you find veggies taste downright alwaful.An example is when you are faced with raw broccoli and fries, the fries side always wine by a landslide because it taste good.

On the other hand you must ask yourself the best way to help you eat vegetables either raw or cooked. Incase you have a busy schedule then you can also try practical ways to ensure you eat them everyday.Below i have done my own investigation and also use the below methods ro ensure i do eat veggies in daily basis.

  1. Adding vegitables in your eggs: you just need to kick your day with an omelete. You can cut veggies like spinach, onions,kales, spinach, pepper and tomatoes.

  2. salad or fries: you can replace your fries with salad most of the time when you decide to eat in a restaurant.

  3. Dip vegitables: if you find that vegfies like carrots, broccoli and celery don't taste good , dip them into healthy fats such as guacamole or hummus to make them tastier.

  4. Replace swap candy with veggies: It is always good to replace your refined sugar treats with vegetables that are sweet like beets, sweet potatoes and cooked carrot.

  5. Pre- cut veggies: buy pre-cut vegetables because they are known to ne great in nutritional.

  6. New vegetable per month: try to cook new vegetable per month. It is good to learn new cooking methods of vegetables using different recipes. Doing this will hep you to know the recipe youlike.

  7. View vegetables photos: it is foos ro do research and view veggies photos on different sites. This help youtp explore new ways of preparing your veggies.

  8. meatless monday: try to avoid eating meat on mondays and instead eat alot of veggies.

  1. Frozen vegetables: fresh vegetables are the best but they spoil very quickly before we use them. If you have a freezer then you have no excuse because frozen veggies are there in your hands.

  2. Veggie hour per week: make sure tpu have set a side only one hour per week ro cut your veggies sucj as peppers, onions, sweet potatoes, zuccchini and others. cook them in an oven for only 45 minutes and you will have a full week veggies to add on your meal everyday.

  3. Veggie pancake: you can mix your pancake batter and later add sime cooked sausage crumbed. Add any finely chooped vegetables and enjoy your pancake full of vitamin.

  4. vegetables you love: possibly you will find that there are some vegetables you dont love. Maybe the reason is that yoi tasted them while they were overcooked and also added spices that you don't love. Give a try by preparing it by yourself and you might find it tastier than before.

  5. Veggies and chopped meat: you can great fresh vegetables such as squash, carrot and cucumber and mix them with meatballs, humbuger to enjoy a delicious meal.

I4. Grill vegetables: in order to get a better taste of your vegetables you can grill them. You can also spray just small amount of cooking oil and black pepper to make your veggies tastier.

  1. vegetables with soups: soups are known to be the best way of adding more vegetables of your choice. Just understand that all best soups start with strong vegetables such as carrot, broccoli, beans, turnip, squash and onions.

  2. appetizers: vegetables are great in appetizing. You can try them and make sure you avoid nutritional dishes.

  3. double veggies in your meals: to be ahead of the game ensure that you double your vegetables in your recipes.

  4. Veggie pasta: when preparing your pasta try to add vegetables in it. This way you will be able to eat veggies with each an every bite with your fork.

  5. add lettuce with spinanch: when preparing your sandwich make sure you pile spinanch together with lettuce inorder to eat nutritional value.

  6. vegetable smoothie: try making vegetables smoothie with a juicer to enjoy a great breakfast.

Yea with the above tips, then you can be sure of eating more veggies. below are some of my pictures i take preparing salad step by step. Give it a try too.

FB_IMG_1515864722342.jpg cut your desires size of onions.
FB_IMG_1515864731513.jpg wash your cabbage
FB_IMG_1515864737840.jpg wash your cucumber i prepare only two. you can add more.
FB_IMG_1515864744135.jpg add 3 tomatoes or more depending on how much you love them. you can also add carrots. FB_IMG_1515864773706.jpg
FB_IMG_1515864808569.jpg lastly mix them all. you can add black pepper and organic virgin oil to enjoy your veggies.

original work. always focused in keeping fit and healthy.


Love the article @njerik. So true about vegetarian food not always tasting great. Adding herbs can help, olive oil always a great addition to a salad.

Salads are great way to eat vegetables and add great amounts of vitamins and minerals into the diet.

Create a great day,

good post about the recipe i will try once later

Niceeee ,,,, good luck 👍

Thanks for the tips as they were really useful. I should definitely eat more vegetables but we nearly have every day some other kind of mixed salad as a side dish for lunch. Your salad looks tasty just very similar to the one my mom makes :)

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