Visiting a vegetarian restaurant

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In Dublin I'm at a homely vegetarian place, the food is the same every day but it is tasty. The name of the place is I think there are 3 in Dublin, check their website out and is ran by Hare Krishnas.

The vibe in the restaurant is relaxed, the food tastes like what you might get at your granny's if she was vegetarian, a small plate of food which is food stacked up on a small plate + a mixture of salads in a separate bowl and tap water is only 7.45€ and would feed you for a dinner. Inside the restaurant hasn't changed much over the years, the woman serving and preparing food is working there from before I was born ( 1992). The people who serve you are friendly and polite, the food doesn't change so is predictable, on a small plate you can try everything. Some foods have cheese or nuts in them, so if you have lactose or nut allergy you can let them know. They also serve vegans and avoid serving the food with milk related products in it.

The restaurant could do with modernization but I guess that is expensive to do in Dublin city, it would be more pleasant if it was more modern but then maybe I wouldn't get a seat and some of the nice relaxed vibe may disappear.


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Sounds great! Have a nice weekend 😊🍻

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