Currently, some information about winter vegetable eggplant in our country.

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Winter is currently running in our country and eggplant is a very popular vegetable in our country at this time.

 Eggplant is a winter vegetable but it is currently matched almost all year long. But the only problem is the eggplant insect. Beautiful FIFT eggplant on top. Insect when cut. This is the tip and fruit pest insect - which is extremely harmful to eggplant. It attacks the younger dog. The affected tip loses freshness. The size of the affected dog is lost. Even when cooking an infected eggplant, its taste is bitter. Fatal attacks can kill the entire plant. From planting the eggplant to attaining the eggplant, the pests and pores attack the insect plants. There are several local names for pigs and fruit pigs. For example, almara, scorpions and fruit pesting insects.

Adult insect is a moth. Moths roam at night. So you can not easily see them. The moth lays eggs on top of a young dog. The eggs hatch and hatch. The worm pierces the inside of the tip and fruit and eats the food. This is why the Dagger freshness is lost. The worm grows out of the pores and fruit pores. They then move to the ground and make cocoons with dry, drizzle. From this cocoon comes a full moth. Female moths mate with male moths to lay eggs. A moth lays up to 25 eggs in a lifetime.

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There are several ways to control the pestle and fruit pest insect in the eggplant. For example - 1. Use quality seeds. Nowadays a variety of varieties called Bt brinjal have come out - which protects against this poker attack. Before buying seeds, make sure that the seeds do not contain any diseases or harmful substances. Visit the field at least twice a day. Because it can change very slowly. Remove the old leaves at the bottom of the tree. Remove the bushes and burn them. So that the insect cannot make cocoons. Monitor regularly to see if there are any affected plants.

Carefully note if any tip is drying. Cut the affected tip, flower or fruit with a sharp knife. Remove them and dump them under the ground. Do not remove the affected tree parts near the field. New moths can be born in it. You can prevent the entrance of the moth through a net fence around the field. Use a half mesh pierced and 5 m high mesh. The pellets need to be small to keep the moth away. Moths cannot fly over 5 meters. Use white nylon mesh. White mesh does not shade the crop. In this, the birds can not destroy the flowers of the eggplant and also the fruit.

Early in the morning, before the sun rises, the moths fly on the brink of the eggplant. In the morning, watch the flying moths and beat them with a broom. You can use pheromone traps in the field. Different pests have different odors or pheromones. You can buy different types of insect traps from a local agricultural dealer. Make sure you buy the right trap for moths. Tell the dealer that you want to buy the eggplant tree and the fruit punching insect trap. At the bottom of the trap, the moths are caught in detergent water. Pheromone traps 8-12 meters apart. Examine the pheromone trap daily. Refill and replace detergent water if needed. Change the pheromone cap 7 days after installation