Summer Vegetable Planting Season Has Come!

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I planted summer vegetable seeds in April and now they have sprouted!! :D
The fresh green make you feel refreshed, I think!

Not to mix all the seeds I planted, I labeled each of them.

These are different kinds of tomatoes, watermelons, hot peppers, herbs, and egg plant.
They look so cute, right?

These are cones. I and my mom planted 4 different kinds of cones this year!

This is sunflower. I am going to eat the seeds after enjoying the beautiful flower :)

This is a pickle barrel cucumber seedling. It is already delicious so bugs or warms ate the leaves :(

This is a pickle bush cucumber seedling. My mom likes these thick cucumbers so I planted them.

I prefer normal long and thin cucumbers and it is a this one.

This type of tomato is called "Aiko." I love this type of small tomatoes!

This is obviously a bell pepper. I have already harvested this first one!

This is a long egg plant seedling. I LOVE egg plants!!

These cones are white cones. I am trying this for the first time!

This is a bitter gourd seedling. Actually, I HATE this plant but my mom likes it and we use it as a "green curtain." Do you know what it is? It gets so hot in summer so we plant bitter gourd seedlings along windows, and it blocks sunshine to the house and it keeps our house a bit cooler. Eco-friendly curtain :)

I planted other plants but I show you this lastly. This is a dark opal basil. I cannot wait to try this basil!!

I will update you the growth of these plants :)
I hope you enjoyed my plants!

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looks good, I've been meaning to call the realtor to see if i can install a garden on the property i rent, green thumb is rusty, so is my fences lol.

THANK YOU! I try to maintain them in a good condition but when it gets so hot in summer, it is hard... I hope you can install a garden!!

good post, a good harvest

Thank you! I hope they taste delicious :)

Thanks for sharing, @arisa. As @skrapa33 said, it really looks good!

Thank you!! I am glad you liked my post :D

@arisa what was the last post you posted all about just to reel in some upvotes or you believe what you said was true?


Please follow and vote me 😊😊😊

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