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This is a RAW vegan pizza.

Yes, you heard it correctly... A raw vegan pizza!

This is not a recipe post, rather just an entry to a competition. I am going to post my first vegan recipe blog very soon. Stay tuned! :)

Seed/veggie dough (dehydrated), pureed and seasoned tomato base with seasonal veggies, topped with raw garlic "creamy" sauce and raw "parmesan cheese".

@deliciousplants invites you to post your vegan pizza to enter a competition to win 5SBD. If you are vegan and you have an awesome pizza up your sleeves then come and join the fun. Here is the link to her article. :)

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Yum! I love raw vegan pizza so much, sometimes even more than cooked vegan pizza.

Yes, it is so good <3 ^_^

Raw vegan pizza....yes!

It was heavenly ^_^. <3

Thank you for entering the #veganpizzaparty! I have never made a raw pizza before so this could be exciting! 😆 I can't wait for the recipe! 🌱

Thanks :) <3