Morning Oatmeal With Smoothie | Fast Way For Healthy Breakfast! 🍌🌱#VEGANBREAKFASTCONTEST 🤩

Good morning everyone!

Today we'll start our day with some oatmeal and smoothie! Hihi, I'm starting my every morning with it. I love my breakfast, and I don't want to switch it to something different like a sandwich or whatever. I feel soo, soo good after my smoothie with oats.💓 My breakfast has few pluses for me:

  • it gives me more energy to start my day
  • my digesting system is so happy after a meal (however it sounds hahaha! 😆)
  • thanks to that, I don't need to eat my second breakfast because I feel enough energized for next couple hours
  • my whole body is happy to eat that every day!

The most important thing is that I don't feel so full after eating it. I have my perfect portion, which I created by myself in one of the calculators of calories. You can find a lot of them on the internet, but I can highly recommend one of them, namely It's really useful application, which allows you to control your calories, vitamins and generally all yours consumption. But anyway, I'll do another post about it soon. 😉

So #veganbreakfastcontest initiated by my dear friend @vegan.niinja is the best occasion to present my breakfast. This girl decided to celebrate her 2 months journey on beautiful Steemland, so she made a contest! What's a suprise! I really like that idea! 🤩 So maybe without futher ado, maybe just let's get into recipe, huh? 😋

For preparing you will need:

  • three tbsp of oatmeals
  • 1/2 tbsp of chia seeds
  • hot water

For smoothie:

  • 50g of raspberries (frozen) or any mix of berries
  • one banana
  • one apple
  • 1/3 cup of hot water
  • 1/2 tbsp of flaxseeds
  • sometimes I'm adding some other fruits like pineapple (one slice) or mango, or what I have in my shelf😋

For the top

  • 1/2 tsp of cinnamon
  • around 1 tsp of cocoa powder
  • mini-kiwis
  • figs
  • a bit of goji berries
  • a bit of dry raspberries
  • one tbsp of peanut butter (I'm using 100% peanut butter, without salt, sugar and palm oil)


  • into bowl place oatmeal and chia seeds, pour water and leave for few minutes, till they soak
  • into blender place all ingerdients for smoothie and mix them togerther
  • pour our mix into bowl with oats and chia seeds
  • add topping
  • enjoy the taste of vitamins!😁

It's really simple and quick way for breakfast, no? It can really save your time as back in the days breakfast took me quite some time to prepare. I can say that I have the reason, why I should get up from my bed! Hahah, just kidding 😅. Feel free to make this breakfast with your favourite fruits and topping! It's awesome because anytime you feel like changing the taste all you have to do is change the fruits(I mostly switch the frozen fruits after i finish a package) If you'll try it, you won't stop at one! So I highly encourage to try it, if you still didn't try it I can say the only one thing.. DON'T WAIT AND GO TO THE KITCHEN! IT'S WORTH! 😄
Let me know in comment, how do you like it! Any feedback is welcome! And it gives me motivation to do more 😉
Wish you all beautiful and sunny day! Love you all! 💕


This looks so beautiful and good. It's been so long since I had some figs. hungry again hehe

In Poland we'll start soon season for figs, so really can't wait for it! :)Thanks Amy!

This seems like my perfect summer breakfast, you choiche all food i like, i reestem you! Also your pics are awesome like food magazines pics! By the way you make me miss summer fruits ^^

Hahah! I also miss summer fruits, they taste so much better in summer than now! Thanks a lot! Nice to hear that you like it dear! Feel free to make it someday. 🤗

Oh, this looks yummy @babettxx, I have oatmeal a few times per week, on non workout days. It is such a great start to the day. My kids have it on weekdays and then at the weekend they can have a junk cereal like cheerios or something like that.

Beautiful pictures too, I like the sack background.

It's nothing better than some oatmeals with a smoothie for breakfast. Great to hear that your kids also eat them :) Thank you for your support!

Stunning, tropical, and no doubt delicious! Those fresh figs look tremendous - are they in season wherever you are?

Unfortunately no, but soon it'll be season for them in Poland! :) Thank you so much! :)

I wish I could have this for breakfast tomorrow, looks sooo good! I love your food photography as well ♥ Thanks so much for sharing and good luck for the contest :)

Hehe! Thank you Sofia, I really glad to hear that from you, so happy that you like it dear! ❤️ Good luck for you too! 😊

Thanks so much hun ❤️

Oh wow this looks amazing! Your breakfast is looking so nourishing and the recipe is simple and so healthy. Thank you so much for your support and your beautiful entry darling!

Oh thank you, dear! It was a pleasure to made entry for your contest! 💕

u taken oatmeal to the next level! :)

Hahah, thanks! 🤩

Woah it's been a long time since I had some figs! Thanks for the inspiration!!

No problem! Happy to hear that you like it! :)

¡Wow! Look at that 😍

Hahah! Thank youu! 💕

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