WRCC Interviews Hip-Hop Artist & Vegan Activist DJ Cavem

in vegan •  last year

"HIPHOP = Higher Inner Peace Helping Other People" - DJ Cavem

DJ Cavem & Alkemia Earth performed a one of a kind "culinary concert" at Natural Grocers, where they sang songs in between making smoothies and salads and then they joined Bruce B for this quick interview.

Natural Grocers continues to prove to be the real deal! Their commitment to only organic produce is a leading example for the industry and coming from Lakewood, Colorado... they're a go to for supporting a local company for your healthy food and vitamin needs! THANK YOU NATTY G'S!!

DJ Cavem


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"The 10th element of hip-hop, health & wellness" word up! You gotta peep my boy Ron Finley, the Gangsta Gardener, here in LA, gotta get him onto Steemit! Love CO, miss CO ...


painting live at red rocks w/devotchka on stage '13 was the best ...

great post and video...thanks for sharing and you have my support...upvoted


Thank you so much!



Rock ON !

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